My name is Tanya St John and I am 35 years old.  I have been a part of the Indiana ghost doctors team for a year and a half.  I moved here from Florida four years ago and that's when I really started asking questions because I noticed so much about Indiana - the first house I moved into was quite strange and I had experiences which led me to where I am now. 

I really enjoy being part of this team.  Being with Indiana Ghost Doctors, I have learned a lot and made a lot of new friends.  I have always wanted to be a part of an organization that studied the paranormal field.  I am the lead investigator from Michigantown and have brought several other investigators in that share the same love and interests as we do.  I would really like to be certified in demonology - that is a big interest to me and I have wanted to do that for some time now.  I, however, have never experienced such before and hope one day I am able to so that I can understand it better.

I enjoy working with the community and educating people on the subject and answering any questions a person may have about our team and exactly what we do.  I do this to also help those who have not passed on and who are looking for someone to help them; it makes me feel good to help them go to a higher plane. It is sometimes really sad because you feel what they feel; they have feelings just as a living person would. I truly find this field amazing in so many aspects and am happy that I can be part of such a wonderful group of people, and also to be working with the community. It continues to be an awesome experience and journey for me.

My name is Martine St John. I have been involved with spirits psychically for over 30 years, psychometry being my field of mediumship; therefore, spirits are not new to me.  I have seen some amazing things happen in those years and know that it is only spirits trying to converse with us to let us know that they are okay or that they are searching for help to reach the other side.  Working all over the United States has given me an insight into the workings of skeptics and is a task I love - enlightening the naysayers. I love to prove to them that spirits really do exist. I believe that educating people on the subject of spirits and spirit visits is very important and always take the time to explain and answer any questions one might have regarding the subject.  Yes, there are fakers too and I do my best to debunk those type of people who prey on others. 

I am enjoying working with IGD on their investigations and have become the web editor also.  It is an honor to be working with Bill and his IGD group.  The camaraderie between everyone is felt and it makes for good investigations.  My the journey continue!
Tanya St John
Alyssa St John
Martine St John