My name is Erik I am the founder of O.P.I. and have been dealing with spirits for most of my life. Thanks to Bill and I.G.D., I was able to start O.P.I. and enjoy working with the group.

Our outlook for this year is twofold: (1) to be safe, and (2) help the people of the community truthfully and confidentially.

Teen Group of 3 member (interns)

We have been in business since March 16, 2011 and are very passionate about what we do. In total, we have 28 closed cases from all over the southern half of the state of Illinois and have been as far as Cincinnati Ohio. Located in southern Illinois, we offer all of the same benefits that our Parent Group, I.G.D., offers.


Full Investigations of suspected paranormal activities, House Blessings at any time as well as after completed investigations.  Upon request, counseling is available 24/7.  We also offer training in Paranormal Investigation.

For further information and a complete list of our equipment, please feel free to contact us either by phone- Erik (618) 843-0186 or Michael (618) 843-9151, or by e-mail at  I am very adamant about helping people in the community with any problem they may have.

Serena May Rogers - Tech/ Investigator
I am willing to learn and analyze any kind of evidence that comes my way.

Michael Hundley - Co founder/ Case Manager
I am willing to do what needs to be done to get people the help they need. I also go out in the field and help where I can.

Donna Hundley - Investigator
Helping people is my number one priority.

Steven Hundley - Investigator
I am willing to help anyone with their problems whether they can be seen or not.

Aisha Hundley - Investigator
I am ready to expect the unexpected, no matter what.

David Rogers Jr. - Investigator/ Field Tech
I am ready to experience new things in order to help anyone out.
Live Support